Obsessively Inspired

And there it was. It all came crashing down just like that. The man she loved from afar was gone and she never got to tell him to his face that she loved him. That she yearned for him. That she rocked herself to sleep at night with thoughts of one day begin in his embrace. Nevermind what the truth may have actually held, her knowing there were miles and miles and miles in between them. Anything except what she knew was liable to be true.

They communicated with one another. They understood one another. They connected. It seemed they knew each other before they knew each other. He inspired her in ways which she would be forever grateful. She would live to be her greatest because she knew him. What started as one thing, blossomed into another. He gave her hope. Then, like a vapor, he was gone. And her stomach sank. Her heart beat in ways she had never felt. No tears poured from her eyes, yet her spirit cried rainstorms. And to think…she felt this way only as a result of his carefully chosen words.


For the Star ☆☆☆☆☆



6 thoughts on “Obsessively Inspired

    • She was more obsessed with the way he inspired her. They were kindred spirits. She wanted him physically, but her desire for him spiritually was stronger. His passing away left her realizing how much of an impact he had on her and her way of thinking.

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