Past vs Present: An Excerpt

An excerpt from the novella Reflection in the Music:

Jane and Sarita sat across from each other at the kitchen table. Several moments of silence passed between them as they examined one another. One of them was Sly’s past and the other was his present and soon-to-be future. Jane placed her hand on her swollen belly and wondered how the heck she had gotten to this point. She could’ve kept her own husband, if only she had the desire to compete with his drug habit. Unfortunately, that was one of the downsides of the music industry that she had worked so hard to avoid herself, knowing her addictive personality. There was a reason she split with James, her husband, when she was younger and it was the same reason that she split with him after she had gained a few more years’ worth of life experience. Too bad that wasn’t enough to stop her from returning to him. Too bad that addictive personality kept her bouncing back and forth between James and Sly. Had she been in more control over her habit, she wouldn’t be Sly’s and Sarita’s new roommate.

Sarita had difficulty understanding how she allowed Sly to convince her it was fine for Jane to move in. She was a fan of Jane’s. She loved her music and had gone to the theater several times to see her movies. She had always wanted to meet her. Never in a million years did Sarita think she would meet her in a situation such as this. Her parents had warned her that she was marrying Sly too quickly; they had been together for only five months. Jane was eight months pregnant. Humph, for a star like Jane you wouldn’t think she’d be so poor that she’d have to move in with her ex-boyfriend because she can’t afford her own. What kind of a woman doesn’t tell a man that he’s about to be a father? The thought raced through Sarita’s mind as she contemplated how the rest of her life would turn out if she married Sly.

Silence reigned supreme for several more minutes before either of them spoke. The first word was the hardest to get out, but somebody needed to break the ice.

“So,” Sarita cleared her throat.

“So,” Jane replied. Another awkward silence passed.

“How do we do this?” Sarita asked.

“I have no idea,” Jane responded.

The ladies examined each other some more. Much confusion.

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© LeTara Moore, 2016, All Rights Reserved


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