Shades of Me

Over the past three months, my readership has grown in leaps and bounds. Three months ago I started at zero, now I’m close to 1,000. I must thank every person who takes the time to visit, like, comment and share my posts. I have a certain goal in mind as far as this blog is concerned and that goal will contribute greatly to my long-term literary aspirations. Anyone who reads one of my pieces puts me a step closer to where I strive to be, and for that I am eternally grateful.

The little blurb on my sidebar and the About Me page is barely a snapshot of me. The same way many people describe themselves as being layered, is the way I describe myself. Every piece that I write, ranging from my six word stories to my novels has some element of myself. Every character, from the protagonist to the antagonist has a piece of me. There is no one character or poem that I’ve written that is a complete reflection of myself, yet even in the most despicable characters there’s traits that we share. The poem or story that most accurately represents who I am has yet to be determined.

I am not only a mother. I am not only a daughter. My love-hate relationship with writing has endured its trials and tribulations, yet in my hiatuses from writing I’ve learned an abundance about the other things I’m great at and gained plenty of material to write about. I observe the world around me, glean what I can and utilize words as my figurative paint brush and create an image that can be both read and felt. In my writing I attempt to cultivate gardens of thoughtfulness and willingness to accept knowledge by planting seeds, one word at a time.

Those who have read what I have published here so far know that I draw some of my inspiration from music. Food is another method of creative expression that I believe many overlook. Paintings, sculptures and photography are always on my list of things to be appreciated. My love for theatre and performance developed during my adolescence. Writing…well, that officially began in elementary school when I wrote my play Mrs. Marcy and Mrs. Parcy. Honestly, I can’t even remember what it was about. I’m sure it’s still in storage somewhere.

I could attempt to explain more about myself, but the best way for me to do so would be to continue creating what I consider works of art. Masterpieces? Not necessarily. Definitely, words from the heart, though. I’ve heard that I’m interesting, intriguing and wise. I’m not really sure how true any of that is. I know, however, that the people who said those words, specifically the person who said them to me most recently, have been a source of inspiration and mirrors of certain aspects of my soul.

Writing a novel is torturous to me because my attention span is naturally short, so know that when I release a novel in the future that I put hard work, tears and fears into it. Short fiction and poetry are my bread and butter. I pray that whoever finds themselves reading my work in the future will find great pleasure and appreciation for my effort, if nothing else. Just know that some shade of LeTara has been carefully placed into every word that you see posted here on this blog and every publication with my name attached to it; that you, the reader, by reading the bits and pieces that I share, are actually witness to the greater effort and energy that comes from the sincerest place of love.




© LeTara Moore 2016


5 thoughts on “Shades of Me

  1. I would like to write about something you said in this post. I of course would credit you in the end, would you mind?

  2. Love what you’ve written! I’ve just started my blog but this is exactly what I already love seeing 🙂 I’d love to talk sometime!

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