Jump Into the Equinox

From the book Sunlight, Coffee and Roses:

Beads of sweat rolled down the side of her face and instantly cooled her when the crisp autumn breeze kissed her face. It was the first day of Autumn. The season of her birth as unpredictable as she was, when the weather would some days mimic summer and other days confuse her mental calendar because of the cold. She could sit back and admire the beauty of death as the leaves on the trees changed colors and fell to once more become one with the earth and fertilize the next season’s blossoms.

She took a sip of her lemonade as she observed the sunset. It had been a long day and nothing had been accomplished but her taking trips down a short memory lane as she recalled her brief romance with a man from out of town. He was the greatest. He actually wanted to hear details about her dreams and aspirations. He didn’t look at her in confusion when she spoke about her supernatural beliefs. Most folks would look at her like she was crazy if she brought up the topic of prophecy and outer body experiences. He may not have understood, but he showed no signs of passing judgment.

The majority of her day had been spent outside in her car. The temperature outside had warmed to a pleasant 80 degrees, but being in the car all day made it feel as though it were much warmer. He had to leave. It was simply time for him to go. His job in town had been completed, so he was called away. They’d keep in touch, but the likelihood of them seeing one another again in the near future was slim. It hurt her feelings more than she had expected. She got in her car and drove to a nearby park to watch the neighborhood children playing. Oh, how she missed those days.

On the drive back home she stopped to pick up some lemonade. Instead of going into her house right away, she took a seat in one of the chairs on her porch to admire the quickly arriving evening. She took another sip as the sun disappeared behind the trees. It was good. The leaves still had a few more weeks of life before they changed. As long as there’s a certain balance of rain and sunshine, the vegetation would be sure to return. Balance. Her trip to the park today was the closest thing to a vacation she’d had in a while. She’d been so caught up in everyday life, bills and responsibilities. The children inspired her.

Her mind was set. As soon as the leaves fell, she’d rake them up into the biggest pile she could manage, and she’d jump in. Leaves would scatter everywhere and for just a little while she’d remember what it was like to be a kid, carefree and taking the changing seasons in stride, paying no mind to the death of the flowers and leaves, but giving all the attention to their process of dying and the spectrum of colors they turn. Change and transition were necessary. The sun rose and it set. The Earth titled and spun until the length of day and night were equal. No better time to find balance than now.


© LeTara Moore, 2016




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