Staying in the Here and Now

This was something I really had to pray about earlier today. Sometimes it is difficult to stay positive when life’s troubles and responsibilities are staring you in the face. I mean, having more bills than money; wondering if you’re going to be able to meet your obligations. It’s overwhelming.

For the past several days I’ve been trying to figure out how I can change my situation to make it more favorable. Then I thought back to the times when I didn’t struggle as much. Those were times when I had more faith and less focus on material things. I wasn’t necessarily directing my energy towards the best things, but I had little stress over money or possessions. After all, this life will be over one day and you can’t take any of it with you, so it makes no sense to stress so much over things that can eventually be replaced.

Instead of stressing, I can use that time to focus more on the things that I can do today to make tomorrow better. Things that I can do today that will make today better. A trip to the local park with my daughter and getting a few good photographs was a good way for me to do that. Praying and getting some of that stress off of my chest is another way. Reviewing photos (and seeing how much my daughter develops everyday) helps me to stay in the here and now and appreciate what I do and don’t have. Sometimes I believe that it is best that I don’t have some of the things that I want or think I need.


© LeTara Moore, 2016


Here and Now

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