Story Time

Tell me your story
Start from the beginning
Of when you felt like you were losing
But in reality you were winning
Of when you gained everything
Because you lost Nothing
Not like what didn’t exist
But what was supposed to be Something
Yet in reality it was nothing
It was a vapor in your ocean
Not even capable of setting you into motion
It didn’t exist long enough for you to resist it
Yet you insisted
on keeping Nothing until your mind was twisted
Until one day
You let it go
One day you said No
You let Nothing be Nothing
And you
A winner
You accumulated
And Nothing was left with one thing: a desire to be
Something that you have
Something that you are
tell me your story
Start from the beginning
Give me the details without spoiling the ending
Of how you
Kept Pushing through the cold
The ice
The hunger
Of how you survived sleepless nights filled with broken hearts
And thoughts of how someone as “smart” Yourself should have never fallen apart
Of how you dropped most of what you had
And was stripped of what little remained
Tell me how you managed to stay sane
Tell me what made you decide to rename yourself Victor
That’s not your legal name
But spiritually you’re not the same and the victor is who you became
Tell me
What did you do
To make that Nothing into something that would benefit you?
Where did you get your power
To suddenly be able to get it all together in the final hour?
How did you do that?
Do you even know? How you defied the odds and beat both rain and snow?
Didn’t drown?
Didn’t freeze?
No longer concerned with who you could please?
How did you do it?
Tell me your story
Of how you claimed victory
And pride
And glory
Don’t leave it a mystery

© LeTara Moore

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