On being a writer…

I was scrolling through some of the blogs I follow and this post stood out to me. There’s so much truth to this it’s almost overwhelming. As I write and have written over the past year I have learned so much about myself. So many things I’ve done or didn’t do, mistakes and choices I made make so much more sense now that I’ve actively been responding to the calls that come from within instructing me to write something–anything at all.


“An artist is always alone – if he is an artist.” – Henry Miller Writing is a lonely job, no doubt about it. And no matter how successful you might become, you’re still alone. It’s the inexorable truth of the writer’s condition: you sit at your desk, in an empty room or in the most […]

via A lonely job… — Cristian Mihai

3 thoughts on “On being a writer…

  1. True, when you write you are alone but after working for 15 plus years with the public, I am enjoying and relishing this time of creation. It was a long time coming. Good post, LeTara. Terrific find.

    • Yes! I’ve worked in retail/customer service for the majority of my working life and I swear I get tired of people sometimes. Lol! I love it when I can get away for a couple of hours to the library or a little quiet coffee shop so I can isolate myself and write. This post really spoke to me.

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