Pursuing Greatness

I came across this quote today as I browsed my social media today and it was truly appropriate and on time for the thoughts that had been going through my mind today. One of my greatest fears, before I began to seriously put effort into this blog and before I published my novella Reflection in the Music, was that no one would understand what I was trying to say in my poetry and my stories and/or that people would hate it. Eventually, I had to have a little talk with myself, a talk that I have to have with myself every so often, about what I want to achieve, what it’ll take to achieve it, how to not sweat the small stuff, and how to take negativity in stride.

Despite how much work I put into writing I know that not everyone will understand it or like it and that’s okay. Not everyone will appreciate the time and effort, let alone the work itself. That is fine, too.

My first book is one of my babies, but it was very much an experiment. Despite the amount of studying I did prior to publishing it, I still hit several bumps in the road that no amount of reading prepared me for. Should I write for the purpose of marketing and financial gain or should I write what makes me happy? I’m choosing to write what makes me happy while pursuing financial gain, all the while knowing that what I write doesn’t always fit into one of the popular, best-selling genres.

I feel good when I reread some of the things I’ve written, sometimes forgetting that I was the one who wrote them. So, I’m in pursuit of what makes me great–a great writer, a great person, a great mother. No longer concerned about bending over backwards, forwards, and sideways in an attempt to make others happy only to be disappointed that they are still unsatisfied. And to pursue positivity will only result in more positivity.



© LeTara Moore, All Rights Reserved


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