What Lies Ahead Summer/Fall 2017

As this weekend comes to a close, I have to reflect on it and say that it was absolutely awesome. Why? This year I attended the Atlanta Kick Back, a book expo. I had intended to go to last year’s event, but changed my mind. I told myself that there was no way that I would miss it this year. I wasn’t totally sure that I’d actually make it until the night before despite all of my hopes and plans, but I did.

Before I left home I stated my intentions out loud of what I wanted to happen during and after the Kick Back and thought about how it would align with my goals. First on my list was to finally meet Keith Kareem Williams, an author I became aquainted with via Facebook about a year ago. If you follow either of my blogs you’ll see that I’ve read and reviewed several of his books and loved them.

Next on my list was to speak with a few authors and introduce myself in hopes of expanding my network. Lastly, I wanted to purchase a couple of books. Well, I can say that I walked away with way more books than what I had intended, but didn’t go over budget because I was given most of the books in exchange for my honest review. Not that I didn’t already have hundreds of books in my catalog to review, but now I have a few more, each one with a personal memory attached along with my ability to say, “I met this person before they made it big (or bigger).”

A few people learned my name and before long, even more people will know it. I walked away from the event on cloud nine just thinking about the opportunities that lie ahead of me. Having said all of that, I’ll be pushing to finally finish and publish my next long awaited project Sunlight, Coffee and Roses within the next couple of months. I’ll still be sharing short fiction and poetry, but I have to shift a little. I’ll also be putting in a little extra work on my book blog so that you all can get to know these authors as I get to know them. However, before I get started with those authors I have to wrap up the other books I am currently reading.  In the meantime, check out their links below.

This year has been pretty good so far, overall. I can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store.



Reading List


Happy reading and check back often!


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