My Thoughts on The Five People You Meet in Heaven – Part 2

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

It has been taking me longer to get through this book than I thought it would. It isn’t because the book is written in such a way that it is difficult to read. The book doesn’t have that many pages either. I’m still going through the stages of grief associated with my mother and both of her brothers passing within a year and a half of each other. My mother passed away January 2020 and it is still very fresh for me.  

However, I have been pushing through, even if I’m only reading a page or two a day and I have made it to page 104. The main character Eddie has passed away tragically and unexpectedly and now that he is on the other side of life, he is encountering different people on his way to heaven. According to the book’s title, there will be five people. At this point in the story, Eddie has just finished his meeting with the second person.  

There were a couple of things that stood out to me during this interaction. I’m going to try to explain them without spoiling the story. 

The second person Eddie meets takes him back to the time he spent in combat. He, along with some other men, were taken prisoner. They eventually escaped but it was due, in part, to a unique talent/skill that Eddie has. As I was reading this scenario, it reiterated for me that I have talents that may come in handy in the most unusual places. On top of that, I happened to be reading this on a Saturday and though I am not a devout practitioner or follower, I have found Deepak Chopra’s 7 Laws of Spiritual Success to be useful and I have a copy of that list taped to my bedroom wall. The 7th law is the Law of Dharma which Chopra describes as “Seeking your higher self and discovering your unique talents.” 

I’m not sure if the author of this novel intended it to be a spiritual experience as much as he intended for it to simply be a novel that people enjoy, but with where I am in my life at this moment, this story has been both. It would probably be less spiritual if I weren’t constantly thinking about my mother, but there are still some great nuggets of wisdom to be found in the pages I have read so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on the next pages. 

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Today I share with you four short stories, each in five sentences. Enjoy.


He didn’t have to lie. She didn’t ask. He lied anyway. Now he would have to face her wrath, however it may manifest. Too bad.


Did he think it was funny to stand her up? Surely, it couldn’t have been a joke. She didn’t find it funny. Still, she’d continue to set up dates with him just to see if he’d show up. Eventually, she got tired and told her own joke.


How could she make him like her again? She’d made a fool of herself on more than one occasion trying to appease him. She couldn’t handle his rejection. So, she’d work her magic. And he would feel it.


There was a hole there now. She had opened it, but rejection and disappointment closed it. Betrayal ripped a hole in it. Who knew whether it was a good or bad thing to be open unintentionally. Both the heart and the ego had been torn.


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How many days passed

without evidence of accomplishment?

Without the benefit of hard work

Only time and energy spent?

How many days go by

when life feels like a lie?

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And there’s nothing to bring to the table

Days seem long, but time is short

Better do something worthy of report

One day the distractions will come to an end

And there’ll be no chance to finally begin.


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