Request a Book Review


Due to the increasing number of requests I receive for book reviews, I have created a new blog dedicated to those reviews. I do not charge for book reviews, but be aware that I more than likely will not be able to read your books right away. If you would like me to consider your book for review you can contact me using the form below or you can visit my book review blog

Note: I will also NOT pay to review a book, meaning if you’re not offering a free copy, then I will not review. I intend to keep reading a hobby and my writing as my work, so I’ll only take on as many books as I feel I can handle. Please refer to my original post about my book review process before contacting me.

Disclosure: There may be affiliate links included in my reviews. What does that mean? If you click on book links I post I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not cost you anything, but it does help me stay online. Also, all of the opinions I share on this blog are my honest opinions. I do not accept payment for any of my book reviews.